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Curacao Post and Swift Retail

Curacao Post acquired Swift Postal’s counter automation product in 2012 with the aim of modernising its services, as well as improving its ability to control and manage the business. The key highlights of the implementation included the following:

  • Curacao Post was able to reduce revenue leakage from key services down from 18% due to the traceability of all cash, stock and leased items within the postal network.
  • Curacao was able to drastically improve the profitability of their bill payment services by switching from using a third-party bill payment provider to directly integrating into the major utility companies, taking full advantage of all commissions.
  • Curacao was able to reduce the end-of-day process, including the challenges of reconciliation, from an average of 40 minutes per day down to 10 minutes, with a significantly higher accuracy rate.
  • Curacao Post’s ability to offer an improved quality of service, as well as stronger management of its procedures, allowed it to venture into new jurisdictions, offerings its services in neighbouring countries within the region.
  • Since Curacao Post operates within multiple tax jurisdictions, the system needed to be capable of managing multiple tax structures and the complexities that these entailed. Swift Retail was able to cater for such a requirement causing minimal effect on back-end operations.
  • Curacao Post has started to invest significantly in the selling of retail items across the network due to the confidence in the system’s ability to manage stock transfers, requisitioning and control.