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Swift Retail – Front Office


At the counter, Swift gives you a one-stop-shop system for all your customer needs. Your counter staff accesses a complete range of services on the touch-screen interface, managing multiple transactions speedily and calculating customer bills easily.

Standard services supported include:

Postal Services
Local & foreign mail and packet post, courier, prepaid postage, bulk mail, mail redirection, postal orders. [more]

 Point of Sale
All retail from stamps to value-added retail goods and services. [more]


Bill Payment
Utility payments (water, electricity…) and other third-party payments including dues and taxes such as local government taxes, parking fines and TV licences. [more]


Financial Services 
Foreign exchange, money orders (such as Western Union etc), bank withdrawals etc.[more]


Any other customised services and payments such as lottery encashments, philately, internet cafe services, telephony within the post office, and PO Box assignment and renewal. [more]


Multiple modes of payment may be used to settle amounts due and the system collates and calculates transactions from all counter services. [more]


Back-office menu
This reconciles all the minutiae of day-to-day operations conducted at single terminals by individual counter staff. It integrates with stock control, inventory, third-party systems and with Swift Head Office.