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Integration Services 

Software integration within the postal idnustry is a common challenge. It is commonly that as a post office grows and offers new services, new software solutions are bolted on. The result is having seperate systems that would need to be integrated in order to manage the postal network more efficiently.

Software integration projects require a unique type of team to deliver succesfully. Our client’s leverage our integration team’s years of experience within the postal industry when making decisions on integration of systems. With each client, our first goal is to know our clients business as best as possible, as well as immerse ourselves in the existing technologies. We are truly at our most effective if we have a solid foundation of their core business.

At Swift Postal we have the resources to tackle almost any size of integration project. Once our understanding of your systems are complete, we can take the job to our integration developers and actually write whatever code is needed to get the job complete. Our experience within a variety of industries and with a variety of technologies positions us to be able to provide high quality software integration services with the least amount of risk. Our integration development processes are carefully managed by our staff of highly skilled project managers who oversee every facet of the integration development process.

Using Swift Postal’s integration development services ensures that the following 2 goals are met:

1. Understand and deliver upon each department’s requirement

When a company invests the time, effort and expense in developing a software integration solution, it must ensure that the expectations are met within the various departments. That is why our clients choose Swift Postal, as our methodology ensures that the end result is communicated before the project starts, therefore delivering what is expected.

2. Deliver Flexibility 

A software integration project must be seen with the light of future expansion. As time goes on, and that software becomes entrenched within a company, additional enhancements are often required. A software integration solution should be initially constructed with this in mind so that as enhancements may be requested without disrupting the current functionality.