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MaltaPost and Swift Kiosk

The Requirement

MaltaPost were looking for a self-service solution that would be able to offer a variety of postal services as well as non-postal services such as bill payments and mobile top-ups. The service needed to appeal to the younger demographics and had to be a cost effective solution to purchase, deploy, manage and change.

The Swift Response

Swift Postal offered MaltaPost their Swift Kiosk solution which was designed to handle all postal services as well as non-postal services including bill payment functionality. MaltaPost signed with Swift Postal in 2011, commencing with a pilot run.

The solution delivered is designed with the user experience in mind. This meant that not only was the front end easy and quick to use, but also appealing, meaning specific customers, particularly the younger market, would select the kiosk as a preferred method for purchasing services.

Most importantly, the Swift Postal solution included back-end management work processes that are unique to the postal industry. This included cash reconciliation, money top-ups management and end of day deposit management.

The solution also included a centralised kiosk management system that was fully integrated into their existing counter automation. This meant that the increase of overheads of adopting a new sales channel was kept to a minimal from an administrative perspective. Moreover, the solution included automatic alerts so that only when the self-service machines required attention, where they visited.

The result has been a successful deployment and take up of the self-service alternative to MaltaPost’s offering.