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British Virgin Islands adopts Swift Retail

Postmaster General Mr. Kevin C. Smith says the BVI Post Office plans to modernise and widen the range of postal services and products offered in the Territory.

Mr. Smith told the Department of Information and Public Relations that local postal authorities are working to implement a modern computer software package. This, he noted, is being done with professional support from Swift Postal.

According to the BVI Postmaster General, software engineers from Swift Postal visited the Territory late last year for meetings with senior officials from the BVI Post Office. Their meetings focussed on plans to computerise postal operations in the British Virgin Islands.

Postmaster General from St. Kitts and Nevis Ms. Sandra Davoren attended last year’s meeting in the Territory to see how the new computer software will improve that country’s postal services.

“The Post Office intends to use technology to drive its business and to enhance its services,” Mr. Smith said. He added that implementation of the first phase of the new Swift Retail postal counter automation software will see a change from a manual to computerised environment within the Territory’s postal system.

“Under phase two we will develop and offer new e-services that would work in conjunction with our interactive website and track and trace system,” said Mr. Smith.

The Post Office provides a number of services to the general public. Two levels of service are available to communicate internationally through the post. They are airmail, a priority service that is dispatched daily and surface mail which is a less frequently dispatched service.

It provides service to more than 189 countries through the Universal Postal Union Network. The BVI Post Office operates under the Ministry of Finance.