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Increasing channels, maintaining centralisation

SWIFT Postal launched a new concept at the European Postal Conference held in March at Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels. Entitled “3 Customer Channels, 1 Software Platform”, the concept brings new schools of thought to the industry.

SWIFT Postal offers 3 customer channels, namely:

  • SWIFT Kiosk – a postal self service kiosk
  • SWIFT Customer Portal – an online postal web portal
  • SWIFT Retail – a dynamic postal Point Of Sale solution

The concepts merges the channels together to have a single back end. This allows for a whole new dimension in terms of pushing services and information down the various channels as well as reinventing the various reporting capabilities.

“The concept is all about applying what works in Retail to Postal operators. Retail verticals use Kiosks, shops and e-Commerce in tandem, with each channel aimed at getting to know your customer’s tastes, patterns and needs. Us adapting these concepts to Post, packaged in a simple, centralised and accessible package ensures that all postal operators, irrespective of size, can modernise, grow and be profitable” says Joseph Sultana, CEO of SWIFT Postal.

With a stand at the conference, postal delegates where given the opportunity to explore how SWIFT Postal proposes to increase their service offerings. “The European Postal Conference was the ideal venue to launch this concept. With various industry leaders sharing their concern of falling mail volumes and proposing adopting new modern techniques, we are proud to bring this innovative concept to the boardroom.”