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NPNA Purchases Swift Counter Automation

Franklin Sluis, Nieuwe Post Nederlandse Antillen (NPNA) CEO, travels to Malta to conclude key negotiations

NPNA recently concluded negotiations on their purchase of the Swift Postal’s Counter Automation Software. The cutting-edge package is designed to automate the whole national postal counter network, encompassing all counter points of sale, as well as the entire head office operation.

Swift Postal is proud of its singular versatility and scalability, and is adding to its existing client base within the Caribbean region.

Explaining the brand’s success so far, Swift Postal managing director Joseph Sultana said: “This is a cost-effective solution for small to medium postal organisations. The Swift Retail suite of products offers a complete and exhaustive approach to postal counter automation software. It will now become the focal point of NPNA’s services, whether that’s back-end, front-end or head office.

Uniquely tailored to the company’s intricate needs, the software caters for use in remote locations, as well as in online and offline modes.

“It is ideal for companies looking for more modern ways to carry out traditional tasks, as well as for those keen to enter the market with new products. Additionally, this software is built to effortlessly integrate with third party systems and accounting packages, so it is incredibly easy to use,” Mr Sultana said.

Swift Postal is now the most established choice for postal software in the Caribbean territory and is built to meet the very specific requirements of the industry and the region.

With that in mind, NPNA CEO Franklin Sluis travelled to Malta, the base of the Swift Postal Head Offices, to complete a three-day workshop on the application of the software, as well as to learn more about its best practices. During this time Mr Sluis also concluded negotiations on NPNA’s purchase of the software.

“Our team went through every aspect of the software and gave Mr Sluis the reassurance he needed that this software can meet all of the company’s immediate and long term requirements. He quickly realised just how user-friendly, cost-effective and robust it is, and opted to go straight ahead,” added Mr Sultana.

Speaking about the decision to purchase Swift Retail, Mr Sluis said: “We chose Swift Postal as it is rich in functionality satisfying our requirements and, at the same time, accessible for the smaller post office.

The installation and integration of Swift Retail is now underway at NPNA, and is expected to be completed shortly.

To view Swift Postal’s website, and for more information, kindly visit www.swiftpostal.com.