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Postal Vertical to Exploit eCommerce

In a recent article published by HellMail, it was said that innovations in mobile technologies and the evolving consumer patterns are causing a boom in e-Commerce in the short term. This global phenomena provides a unique opportunity for postal operators around the globe that could be leveraged should the necessary tools be in place.

Swift Postal’s new product, Swift Customer Portal, offers a quick go-to-market strategy for postal operators that want to leverage this unique opportunity. Our solution allows postal operators to break all borders within their sales channel and offer a cross border approach to their potential market.

“Postal operators are in an opportune position. E-Commerce offers a multitude of opportunities for this vertical, including both core postal services as well as non-postal services such as financial, retail and bill payments. Swift Postal’s timing in developing our Customer Portal solution is ideal for post offices who wish to exploit the boom in e-Commerce sales” says Joseph Sultana, CEO of Swift Postal.

In fact, the article goes on to describe the outcome of a roundtable between senior International Post Corporation executives and key cross channel retailers like eBay and Wal-Mart.  A key point was that the future of e-commerce and the logistics to support it will drive an ever-increasing convergence in technologies. Greater convergence of brick-and-mortar and online/mobile is foreseen with the emergence of cross-channel retail experiences that seamlessly combine physical and virtual aspects of shopping.

“When researching the market for an online solution for postal operators, we found that measuring the ROI of moving to e-Commerce was somewhat vague. That is why we have ensured that our solution is modular. It allows postal operators to test the waters with little investment,” says Simon Azzopardi, Marketing Manager at Swift Postal.

Swift Postal have from inception remained at the forefront of modern solutions. “Current technology providers offer counter automation solutions. We at Swift Postal see post offices differently in the sense that they are a unified operation with multiple channels. That is why today we offer a medium for automating your counter, kiosk and web portal in a fully integrated, single solution.”