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Successful workshop for Swift Retail at Berlin Conference

The EU Postal Conference in Berlin held in March 2008, represented an excellent opportunity for Ascent Software to showcase Swift Retail to the industry.  Swift Retail, Ascent’s postal counter retail software, was exhibited to over 200 delegates and Joseph Sultana, Managing Director of Swift, also delivered a well-attended presentation at the ‘New Ways of Interacting with the Customer’ workshop.

The presentation, which was held on the opening day of the conference, was entitled ‘Capitalising on opportunities in retail networks: improving the customer experience and service offering’.  It successfully demonstrated how Swift retail helps clients achieve these aims.
“We are pleased that our participation in the workshop was so well received and generated so much interest from top consultants in the industry.  The conference overall was a big achievement for us and the organisers were highly professional in bringing together an impressive panel of speakers and stimulating some interesting debate,” commented Joseph Sultana, Managing Director, Swift Retail.