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Swift Retail goes live in Curacao, Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius and Sint Maarten

Swift Retail, the postal counter automation software solution, has been deployed at Nieuwe Post. As part of the solution offering, Swift Postal consultants trained and deployed the fully integrated system at the various post offices, delivering upon the various requirements on time and budget.

“NPNA required a system that was built with flexibility in mind. This meant that the system had to be configured and customised in order to meet certain unique requirements of the postal administration in the Caribbean, but also had to evolve and adapt to the constantly changing services on offer in the region”, says Pam Bonello, Swift Postal consultant for the Caribbean region.

“Swift Postal, as with all our deployment projects, went through the necessary steps to ensure that the post office will become self-sufficient as much as possible post deployment. While carrying out intensive training quickens the adoption process by the client’s staff, Swift Postal goes the extra mile to provide a period of onsite hand holding after the system went live to ensure that any support matters were dealt with as quickly as possible as well as offer the client the comfort and confidence during this delicate stage,” continues Ms Bonello.

Swift Retail was deployed fully integrated into various third party systems, including the financial software being used by the client, as well as third party companies’ systems in order for the bill payment service to be as efficient as possible.

“The deployment of Swift Retail at NPNA was complex in that it needed to cater for remote locations, varying infrastructures, various taxation protocols as well as other challenges. That said, our products are designed to cater for such common challenges and our team was able to deliver the full solution on time and on budget. NPNA is therefore another reference site in the Caribbean”, commented Simon Azzopardi, Sales and Marketing Manager of Swift Postal.

“The Caribbean region is an important jurisdiction for Swift Postal. Our systems are being used by various postal administrators across the Caribbean and, through our customers’ feedback, we know that we offer the perfect fit. The success with NPNA and our other clients continues to encourage us to develop new innovative solutions for the region and become the postal software provider of choice for the Caribbean,” says Joseph Sultana, Managing Director of Swift Postal.