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Philatelic Bureau Management Software – Swift Philately

Successfully exploiting philatelic stock and sales can make an important contribution to any postal operation’s profits. Swift Philately is a postal software which offers simple and comprehensive management, including maintenance of member accounts and customer profiles.  A powerful reporting module helps postal operators to fulfill known and anticipated demand of first day covers.

Major time savings can be made by automating the operational and administrative processes in your philatelic bureaus with a philately software system. Swift Philately integrates easily with your customer portal or website, with existing third-party applications or with the centralised management system in Swift Retail.

Better presentation
Designed to let you present stock at its best, Swift Philately is a philately management software which allows you to create both short and long descriptions of each item.  Stock can be grouped and offered as blocks, sets or gutter strips. This postal automation solution enables you to upload multiple product images, displaying them on customer portals or in printed or online catalogues.

Better management
Pricing, promotion and discount structures are easily configured in real-time. Comprehensive reports allow for the monitoring, valuation, and re-ordering of stock. Swift Philately’s built-in processes for administration and maintenance of deposit accounts allow you to electronically capture and fulfill customer profiles and orders.

Powerful reports
Swift Philately’s powerful report generator gives accurate insights into customer buying patterns and preferences.  That means optimum demand and performance management.  An excellent tool for gauging demand and reviewing quotas, Swift Philatelic also generates automated pick-lists and batch invoices when new issues are offered.  These pick-lists can be matched to customers’ credit limits and any unfulfilled orders (due to lack of funds) are flagged in the relevant account.

Everything you need
Comprehensive features include automatic updates of monetary deposit balances; invoices and receipts; renewal reminders; and management of handling fees.  If the system is integrated with your customer portal, subscriptions and deposit top-ups can be handled online, with refund in the event of account closure.  Payment is possible via credit card, direct debit, cheque or cash.