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Postal Counter Automation Software – SWIFT Retail

From micro management to macro management and from running traditional services better to entering the market with new ones, Swift Retail is your partner for successful change.

Swift Retail, our postal counter automation software, automates your entire postal counter network, working for you from point of sale at the counter through to stock control and head office operations. Swift has a low cost of ownership and is versatile and fully scalable. It’s quick to deploy and easy to train staff on, so you benefit by seeing an immediate and tangible return on your investment.


Commercial sense
Swift Retail allows you to derive competitive advantage and commercial benefit. Our post office software gives you the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams such as financial transactions, bill payment on behalf of third parties, and expand your range of retail services and products. And, importantly, Swift helps you perform your traditional business more efficiently. It lets you get the basics right, and diversify. And, since it runs on standard PC hardware, you avoid costly lock-in to proprietary systems. Swift is therefore your all-round, commercial partner.

Complete customer care
Swift Retail allows you to use your presence in the community more effectively. By offering your customers an efficient, one-stop shop of regular postal and non-postal services such as new retail offers and products, you’ll gain their loyalty and win repeat business.

Revolutionising your operations
Swift Retail’s graphical-user interface and touch-screen system are easy to use and totally intuitive for your staff who can be up and running on the system after just a couple of days’ training. This postal software also revolutionises your customers’ experience at the counter by helping speed service and shorten queues and by offering them a wider range of services under one roof.

Information at your fingertips
Swift Retail’s extensive management tools harvest data from your smallest counter, most remote geographic region and across all your products and services – and in real time. Business intelligence like this allows you to analyse trends, manage human resources and develop strategy as never before.

Postal Automation Benefits in brief – Swift Retail

  • Cost-effective solution for small to medium postal organisations
  • Low cost of ownership; low-cost of deployment and excellent ROI
  • Extremely user-friendly with a short learning curve
  • Robust & reliable – minimal support overheads
  • Exceptionally scaleable
  • Automated data replication – giving security and real-time information
  • Data upload and download from 3rd parties, via FTP or web (ideal for bill payment services)
  • Interfaces with your Enterprise Resource Packages & other 3rd party applications
  • Runs on standard PC hardware, so no lock-in to a proprietary system