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Postal Software Products at a Glance

Below is a list of all our postal automation software solutions:
Swift Retail is our flagship retail counter automation software solution, offering touch-screen POS, integrated barcode scanners and printers and comprehensive stock management. Streamlined processes give you access to whole new revenue streams within postal services, financial services, bill payments and expanded retail operations.

Swift Kiosk
Customers value greatly the convenience of 24×7 access to postal services placed in non postal locations without the hassle of queuing. Swift Kiosk’s intuitive touch-screen interface offers excellent postal functionality and goes even further, offering bill payments, purchase of foreign exchange, mobile top-ups and event tickets.

Swift Forex
Postal operators can offer fully fledged Bureau de Change services via Swift Forex, with automated management, monitoring, transfer and sales of foreign currencies. You have full central control of rate mark-up and all aspects of a Bureau de Change service are encompassed. Customer data capture and questionable transaction alerts help to minimize fraud.
Swift Philately 
A comprehensive philatelic bureau management solution, Swift Philately gives you simple maintenance of deposit accounts and customer profiles, as well as the generation of relevant invoices and reminder alerts for the renewal of accounts.
This postal software application is designed to improve services to post offices’ online customers. Consumers and businesses will be able to purchase products and access many different postal services online . Username/password controlled, Swift Customer Portal users will be able to access their data and make changes to mail delivery and sending. They will also be able to print their own stamps, pay bills and use marketing and logistics services.
Swift PO Box manages both virtual mail boxes and physical addresses and locations. It includes notification alerts for customer renewals; mail/address redirections; PO box keys management; and customer waiting lists and transfers.
Swift AML
Swift AML is designed to meet anti-money laundering requirements and obligations within the postal environment. A risk-focused approach is used, monitoring cashier activity for suspicious behavior and optimizing real-time historical transaction matching.
Swift Web Reporting
This is a web-based reporting and analysis solution for business and customer intelligence. You will be able to access a variety of tools to help decision-makers understand real-time data. An intuitive dashboard offers reports produced from selected data filters, with a rich presentation element library.