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Postal Software Products

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The postal industry deals with a myriad of different customer channels (retail, web, kiosk, bulk mail, philately, foreign exchange) on a day-to-day basis.  The information captured through all these channels is stored in different data silos making the leveraging and reconciliation of the information hugely inefficient and unnecessarily complex.

The Swift Postal suite provides you with a range of postal software servicing the requirements of key organisational departments such as retail, self-service, foreign exchange, PO Box management, customer portal, philately and others. More significantly the resultant transactional data from all the channels are centralised into one unified management portal.

You will see major improvements to business processes and to branch/corporate control.  The right combination of modules, tailored to your own business priorities, means tight coordination of your entire operation from head office.  That includes real-time control of user maintenance, stock control, pricing, rates and service details and also ensures unified reporting across all departments.

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Swift Postal Software Suite