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The support we offer you is designed to balance cost with efficiency.  We aim to give you the level of assistance you require, in a timely manner, without burdening you with hidden extras or costly maintenance or service charges.   We offer three levels of support to ensure your team has the back-up it needs, at all times.
First line Support

First-line support is often best offered by local personnel.  Support staff are likely to come from within your own organisation and be people whom we’ve trained extensively on Swift Retail software.  In-house support is cost effective and able to provide you with quick response times.  Our support training programme is held on site by our qualified trainers.  We also have a Swift knowledge base available online.
Second Line Support

Second line support is called for when the problem is beyond the capabilities of your on-site support staff.  In this event, your staff log in to our website support page – our helpdesk ticketing system.  We log and monitor every request until the issue is resolved, and to your satisfaction.  In addition, we also offer a 24/7 helpline.
Software Upgrades

Your support agreement entitles you to any upgrades during the year, free of charge.