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Swift Kiosk

Happier customers, higher ROI

Kiosks are an important source of additional profits for any postal organization, whether installed in branches, shopping malls or any other establishment. Our postal kiosk not only cuts operating costs but provides valued additional options to customers. That means higher customer satisfaction and more return visits.

Swift Kiosk supports a wide range of different services, all available to your customers from wherever they find most convenient, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The breadth of services available guarantees a faster return on investment.

Freedom for customers
Customers can enjoy the freedom and convenience of performing their own transactions – a truly winning proposition for many. A user-friendly and intuitive touch-screen allows Swift Kiosk to offer an extensive number of products and services in different languages.

Shorter queues
Your postal kiosks will handle weighing and postal functions, bill payments, traffic fines, mobile top-ups and foreign exchange services. That means shorter queues both for postal kiosk customers and counter customers.

Easy to use
A secured cashbox supports payments by cash or bank card, and all transactions are provided with a receipt. Kiosk scales can handle packages of up to 30kg with a locked postbox that allows customers to post items after weighing and attaching relevant postage labels.

Business friendly
Swift Kiosk lets you enjoy lower costs in tandem with increased customer satisfaction. It also gives you the management options you need to successfully run any number of postal kiosks. Remote monitoring from head office allows you to see exactly what is taking place:

  • activity reports
    remote problem alerts and resolution
    stock management and consumable supplies
    remote update of postage and foreign exchange rates.

Highly durable
Steel is used to provide good structural strength in combination with retail-friendly molded plastic surfaces. Oyur Postal Kiosk hardware is designed for an outstanding appearance and excellent tactile properties, with the option to customize for your brand. It makes a valuable addition to any premises.