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Swift PO Box

SWIFT Postal offers a PO Box solution that manages your PO Box department from end to end. Our tried and tested solution is used by several postal organisations across the globe and has saved over 28% in lost revenues due to its accuracy and dependency over and above its efficiency gains and improved quality of service.

Our solution delivers the following wins:

  • Revenue Protection

Post offices world-wide are constantly looking for new sources of revenue to supplement their traditional income due to the challenging economic climate and the dwindling mail volumes. More often than not, a substantial amount of revenue is lost due to lack of controls, mismanagement and lack of timely intervention. The post office must protect the revenue it is generating via these traditional services. Swift PO Box helps minimise revenue leakages by ensuring that all dues to be collected are presented in a timely fashion and empower management to make important day-to-day decisions to cut their losses early.

  • Streamlining Operations

Swift PO Box allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of a PO Box electronically, saving up on time and money by enabling various operational efficiencies through the centralisation of all data and processes. Swift PO Box provides real-time information across the entire network eliminating the need to share documentation between branches and the reliance on paper-based reporting.

  • Ease of Deployment and Support

Swift PO Box is deployed from a central location and is made available across the postal network via the post office intranet over standard VPN protocols. Swift PO Box works seamlessly across a variety of web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), making efficient use of network bandwidth and virtually no IT support is required at the offices. Through this web approach, the system may be deployed internally or on the cloud, giving the post office full flexibility to find the best, low-cost hosting solution. Using widely available and well-known technologies, Swift PO Box has been developed to ensure low-cost maintenance. Small / medium sized post office organisations need not invest in expensive 3rd party database and server licences.

  • Online and Real-time

Processing of transactions are carried out on-line and in real-time, ensuring that information about the availability of boxes and anything customer-related is delivered to all clerks in real-time enabling them to make the right decisions. Applicants can rent, effect payment or enquire about boxes in other locations without having to visit the office where the box is physically located. Rental of boxes in remote locations are allocated to the customer at the time of the transaction, eliminating the possibility of having multiple bookings for the same box from different locations.

  • Reporting

Swift PO Box retains a full history of all clients, payments and transactions. PO Box cannot be permanently deleted from the system because of its history, they can however be made inactive to hide them from cashiers and stop them from renting them out. A lot of information is retained in the system for any number of years and various reports are available out-of-the-box to allow for effective management and control of the PO Box.

  • Customer Management

Swift PO Box is, by its very nature, privy to a lot of customer information that is useful elsewhere within the organisation and also to third parties. The customer data can be exported and analysed for use in marketing campaigns, updating and cleaning up of third party databases, etc.

  • Automated Invoicing

Processing of invoices is a labour intensive process within the department. Swift PO Box fully automates the process, generating the necessary invoices ready for despatch giving administrators greater flexibility and efficiency.

  • Data Security and Audit Trails

Transmission of all information happens over an encrypted connection between the remote post offices and the central server, ensuring that no unauthorised 3rd parties can listen in and steal customer-sensitive information. The system also retains a complete log of all transactions taking place in the system, including also events such as access to sensitive features, functionality and reports, for complete transparency. Multiple layers of security throughout the system adopting various protection mechanisms, ensure added levels of security. This avoids breaches and also act as early warning signals.

  • Inbuild Workflows and Automation 

Swift PO Box is delivered with built-in workflow capabilities and process automation that manages the PO Box renting cycle. By creating a more formal structure for these processes, your post office gets precise control over how information flows from the retail counters through to head office and from the organisation to the end-client.

Applicants need not bring a physical form to sign-up for the service as information can be captured electronically at the POS and have it printed directly into a predefined format ready for sign-off by the customer.

Through an inbuilt electronic workflow, the approval process is managed effectively either from a centralised location or else at the offices themselves. All this information, including the forms, is retained in the system electronically and can be accessed by authorised users across the network. Tasks clerks would otherwise do manually are minimised, freeing their valuable time to work on other more important tasks.

  • Effective control over the billing cycle

Customers may choose to rent boxes for any number of months or years in advance according to the post office’s own guidelines. Calculation of pricing is dependent on the post office’s renewal practices and both pro-rate based pricing and period pricing is supported. Renewal notices can be generated automatically through the system onto a predefined letter format and sent by mail or email.

The system also supports late payments by allowing the post office to introduce a grace period, for example one month from expiry, during which customers may renew their box against an additional penalty fee. Beyond this period, the box is automatically impounded / forfeited and made available for rent again. The customer would be required to re-apply for the box should they wish to renew their box rental.

Additional charges may also be applied for other PO Box related services. These include changing of lock and/or keys, acquiring an extra number of keys, updating customer details and including additional sharers.

As a result the post office can offer higher quality products and services, with very little or no additional increase in production time or resources, hence the potential to generate more revenue with fewer expenses.