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Swift Retail Features

Swift Retail has three core components: Swift Retail Client;  Swift Head Office;  and Swift Poseidon, the replication engine. All are seamlessly integrated and interact in real time to give you complete automation of your operations from point of sale at the counter through to head office reporting.

Swift comes with standard functionality, but is designed to scale up easily, be customised and accommodate the needs of individual postal administrations.

In addition, and importantly, Swift Retail interfaces with third-party systems, allowing you to develop transactional relationships with other entities helping you target new revenue streams.

Swift postal software also integrates with postal administrations’ financial and ERP solutions and messaging solutions, making it an all-round management information and planning tool.

Postal Services

Our postal software enables packages to be weighed, tracking labels scanned and mailing labels printed using integrated components such as weighing scales, bar-code readers and label printers.

The system is configured with the full range of postal services on offer, as well as the complexity of weight and destination combinations. Staff have all information automatically available at point of service, and do not require hard copy books or manual search for rates.

Examples of supported transactions and services include:

  • Local post & parcel
  • Foreign post
  • Foreign parcel
  • Postage prepaid
  • Bulk mail
  • Registered & express mail
  • Couriers (FedEx, DHL etc)
  • Integration with Track & Trace
  • Mail redirection
  • Postal orders & money

Point of Sale

Swift supports the sale of all retail items, for example: stamps, stationery, commemorative coins, books, cards, newspapers, and philatelic and other items. The system allows for an unlimited number of additions of retail products and categories.

The system supports:

  • bar-code scans, as well as allowing for manual input;
  • product codes;
  • a ‘super-find’ stock browser;
  • inventory;
  • links to card payment processing companies;
  • receipt/slip printers;
  • counter clerk incentive schemes; and the
  • easy management of discount & loyalty schemes, price changes and promotions.

Bill Payments

This is one of the most valuable, additional counter services for any postal administration seeking new revenue streams. Swift supports transactions carried out on behalf of third-party clients such as the utilities, TV licensing authorities, media companies and so on. You can add as many generic services as your local market requires.

Seamless integration with third-party client systems allowing for the downloading, importing, uploading and exporting of client data reduces any margin of error in the payment process.

Swift offers:

  • the addition of as many, new generic payment categories as you like;
  • bill collections for third-party clients – utilities, licenses, etc
  • bar-code scanning for faster, more accurate data entry;
  • client data integration for outstanding dues.

Third-party payments typically served using Swift Retail’s bill payment facility include:

  • telephone bills
  • utility payments
  • local tax payments
  • housing rental payments
  • fines
  • pensions
  • insurance
  • home media/satellite & cable TV / internet
  • driving and other licences

Financial Services

Swift Retail’s banking front-end integrates with banking platforms to provide various banking transactions at post office counters. It’s secure network also facilitates banking transactions with third-party financial institutions enabling counter staff to verify customer information and enforce withdrawal limits.

Swift enables:

  • money transfer services
  • bank deposits
  • bank withdrawals
  • the enforcement of maximum withdrawal limits from head office
  • the monitoring of activities and alerts on potential money laundering activities
  • report facilities

Other Services

Swift Retail is a postal software which enables you to add any number of customised services or products that your particular counter network offers customers.

You may need, for instance:

  • Payment facilities for lottery encashments
  • Philately
  • Internet cafe services
  • Payment for telephony from booths within the P.O. branch, or
  • P.O. Box assignment and renewal

Swift Retail is there to help you grow commercially by integrating seamlessly any new revenue streams coming on line within your branches.


This function allows staff to collate and compute multiple postal and counter services from the purchasing of retail goods to the payment of bills. The settlement screen also enables customers to have complete flexibility in choosing their preferred method of payment. Swift Retail accepts multiple modes of payment:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Foreign exchange, or
  • Any combination of above

Bills can be suspended and retrieved later for extra customer convenience.