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Swift Retail – Head Office

Swift Head Office is a sophisticated business intelligence tool that provides decision makers with a wealth of
information on which to base and guide strategy. Head office can generate reports easily, as required, to gain invaluable insight into the operations of the entire network of postal counters, however geographically dispersed the branches or varied the services on offer.

Swift Head Office enables management to review, for example, individual point-of-sale capabilities and to monitor specific product and service lines. All counter transactions are accompanied by real-time support screens which pass information over secure virtual private networks (VPNs) to head office.


Stock Control Menu

Swift Retail is a post office software designed to simplify the operational and administrative processes of inventory management. Stock inventories, pricing, requisitioning and transfers, end-of-day reconciliation and extensive reporting functionality improve efficiency throughout the network, reduce shrinkage, and generate essential and up-to-date management information.

Stock Management:

  • Transfers – stock requisitioned for branches or counter clerks
  • Returns – extra stock at branches returned to HO
  • Stock Records – purchase & sale history, stock images, item

Stock Reports:

  • Stock transactions
  • Stock listing
  • Stock valuation
  • Price listing
  • Stock reorder level
  • Stock movements

Reporting Menu

Swift Retail includes a powerful and flexible report generator which can produce data at counter clerk, branch, or corporate levels. All reports can be issued in a number of industry standard formats such as CSV, PDF, Excel, or output directly to the printer.

Examples of reports generated:

  • Postal Services reports for all services offered – foreign parcel reports, foreign courier reports, etc
  • Third-party bill payment reports for all agencies eg. TV licensing report
  • Banking services reports for all different services of banking
  • Other audit reports for miscellaneous services
  • End-of-Period reports

Rates & Look-up Menu

This functionality allows for:

  • Inputting of prices & rates
  • Amended rates are downloaded to branches via the Poseidon replication engine
  • Group definitions (i.e. stock groups, client types, etc) to be maintained through lookup section, and
  • Additional services, incentive prompts, employee product commissions to be inputted through lookups

Utilities & Default Menu

This provides for:

  • Inputting of branch details
  • System reports eg. user logs to show every user logged in/out of the system
  • A Poseidon event log – showing Poseidon’s status at any point in time
  • Flexibility for administrators to change system settings in the event of new hardware and customisations, and for
  • Scripting facilities to maintain database