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Swift Tracking

Swift Tracking is a web-based, domestic tracking solution that can be hosted in-house or in the cloud.

Designed for the national and private operator, the solution facilitates and helps improve the operational efficiency of an article as it progresses from inception to delivery. Through seamless integration with other Swift modules such as Swift ParcelDrop and Swift CourierGo, data can be also captured at source by the end-customer over the web at inception time, as well as during delivery by the courier via their mobile phone.

Events, statuses, and workflows are fully customisable via the administration portal to suit any business operation. Through integration with email, SMS and Viber gateway, clients can receive notifications and alerts on the status of their package is it moves along the workflows.

The success of Swift Tracking is due to the:

• Gain in operational efficiency and its ease-of-use;

• Integration with international tracking systems for cross-border data sharing including Dispatch PreDes messages as well as ITMATT / CDS for seamless customs integration;

• In-built implementation of the EMS EVT3 standard

• The flexibility with which it can be configured to suit many different workflows


Swift Tracking and CDS: Are you set up for Cross-border information sharing?

As the volume of parcels and e-commerce continues to increase, postal operators are continuously trying to improve customs clearance processes and efficiency through cross-border data sharing.

The UPU is assisting Postal Operators in sharing sender and recipient information as well as the content details of the items electronically. This allows participating posts and customs departments to exchange in advance the respective data as well as calculate the required duties and taxes more efficiently.

At Swift, we have developed substantial skills and experience in this area and can assist you in integrating your systems with CDS and the Interconnect platform. Swift can also provide a complete set of tools, allowing the postal operator to capture and transmit all customs-related information.