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Why Swift Retail?

With the trend towards deregulation in the sector, postal administrations today need to focus on the commercial realities of running a complex and geographically-dispersed business in a highly-competitive market.

They need tools that can help them meet the fresh challenges of competing with new entrants in their market, facing new customer demands and introducing new services.

To respond effectively to these commercial pressures, postal administrations are seeking to: reduce costs; increase productivity; offer new, value-added services and products; and improve on customer service.

Swift Retail is a postal counter automation system designed to give you the tools to do all this and more.

Because we…

  1. are a scalable solution – designed with the flexibility to match changing business requirements
  2. improve the efficient running of the network
  3. are extremely user-friendly with simple touch-screens offering ease of use
  4. streamline your internal processes
  5. offer a low cost of ownership
  6. help you exploit the retail business of your post office counters
  7. automate your essential processes…
    – reducing dependency on human intervention
    – redeploying back office personnel
    – reducing cost and paper-trails
  8. introduce traceability